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Artist Spotlight: Armaghan Fatemi

Our next Artist Spotlight feature showcases Armaghan Fatemi's three works the artist generously donated to Artscope: Aid Ukraine 2023, and how her practice has facilitated new personal notions of identity and the relationship with the Self.

The artist, Armaghan Fatemi

Armaghan's journey through the world of art began in 2016, shortly after she moved to Germany. "I see that period of my life as a rebirth," she explains. "For the first time, I was able to explore my identity and express my true self without the constraints of conservative social norms. Through art, I was able to communicate my innermost thoughts and emotions.

Armaghan's background in architecture, which she studied in Iran, has influenced her approach to art. She is passionate about the concept and process of her work, which often takes months or even years to complete.

Fatemi in her studio, during the development of 'Self Portrait 3'

"Lockdown had a profound impact on my art journey. With time to spare, I experimented with different media, including painting and blockchain. Painting has become a form of psychoanalysis for me, a way to explore my innermost self and uncover hidden parts of myself. I've also delved into the world of blockchain and launched three projects in this space, two of which are generative art. When working on my projects, I take breaks to paint, finding it to be a meditative and calming activity."

"I am thrilled to be participating in the Artscope Aid project with three of my paintings, all of which are from my self-portrait series. Two of the self-portraits are geometric style paintings that I'm exploring and developing further. As someone who is passionate about supporting good causes, I have previously designed a project to raise funds for breast cancer charities and another to raise awareness about women's rights in Iran."

Fatemi pictured with her three donated works (left hand side)

'Self Portrait 1' is one of Armaghan's early paintings from 2020. "I explored my body and sexuality in making 'Self Portrait 1'. Initially, my intention wasn't to reflect myself, but rather to work around the story that many girls, particularly in the Middle East, have grown up with – the idea of virginity as a pearl in a shell."

'Self Portrait 1', acrylic and oil pastel on canvas, 2020

"However, as I painted, I found that the more I explored this cultural story, the more it became my own. The vibrant colors of this painting were chosen to create a child's mind and how this story has been carved into their psyche. As an artist, my obsession with colors is quite visible through my paintings, and this piece is no exception.

'Self Portrait 3' is one of Armaghan's recent paintings, where she pushes the boundaries of her practice by experimenting with a larger canvas dimension that is handmade by the artist. "This allowed me to have more space to express my creative vision.," she comments, reflecting on the challenge brought on by sheer size.

'Self Portrait 3', acrylic and oil pastel on canvas, 2023

"In this piece, I wanted to explore the beauty and power of geometric shapes. This time, I not only used the geometric shapes to reflect myself, but I also made them the background for my self-portrait, which blends seamlessly into the environment. Through the use of strong, edgy geometric shapes, I aimed to showcase the strength and toughness of the female form.

The seamless blend of my self-portrait into the background creates a sense of oneness between the subject and the surrounding environment, which was my aim. This painting is a reflection of my ongoing journey of self-discovery and exploration, capturing the personal growth and strength that I have found within myself."

Armaghan has also generously donated 'Self Portrait 2', a smaller work that confronts the same issues through the geometric composition that has become a recurring style for the artist.

'Self Portrait 2', acrylic and oil pastel on canvas, 2021

Overall, Armaghan's professional journey in art has been a continuous process of self-discovery and growth, and Artscope is excited to see where it takes her next.

As a multi-disciplinary Iranian artist based in London, Armaghan's practice is devoted to exploring socio-political issues from a feminist and personal perspective. Her experience as an immigrant informs this exploration, allowing Armaghan to observe the varied attitudes towards gender, class, and labor in both the East and the West. Her artistic output encompasses painting, sculpture, installation, film, and textiles, whilst Armaghan has also been experimenting with creative coding and the potential of blockchain and smart contracts since 2020.

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