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Cutting-edge creatives

Get to know the immense talent behind the extraordinary artwork that is helping to motivate significant change for those in need. Click on our artists' profiles to view and bid on their artwork generously donated to support our cause.


Are you an artist and looking to be involved?


  • 50% of the hammer price guaranteed to you, we value and respect the time and effort dedicated to your practice

  • Benefit from a strategic marketing plan, including editorial, social media, press relations, events, and more

  • A week-long exhibition in a central London gallery, where you can host additional tours, meetings, discussion groups and other entertainment at no cost beyond your donation.​

Please email to receive information on participating.

Sasha Compton_Artist photo.JPG

Sasha Compton

Sasha Compton (b. 1992) is a British artist and designer based in London, who explores the natural world around her using authentic production methods. Sasha is inspired by joyful moments in life and often transports viewers into a timeless world of art by creating modern reinterpretations of traditional concepts. Using expressive and experimental techniques, she works with the colour theory to create dreamlike artworks with the aim of bringing happiness into people's lives.

Wenhai Ning2.JPG

Wenhai Ning

Wenhai Ning (b. 1999, Shanxi, China) currently lives and studies in London. His works revolve around the interaction between the natural environment and human beings, introspecting human behaviour which destroys nature. Ning utilizes multiple materials to restore the true texture of the natural objects, echoing the audience's personal life experience. Doing so, allows more possibilities to spill into the current world and collective consciousness.


Bjorn Martin

Bjorn Martin is a street artist, painter, and illustrator. Born in Chile to Spanish and Colombian/German parents, Bjorn moved to the UK from Madrid in 2015 to pursue a career in the arts. Street art reflects everything that attracts Bjorn to authentic art practice: engaging with talented individuals, creating something of personal significance, and having a laugh in the process. Bjorn's work is playful & surreal, often confronting and negotiating counter culture both on walls and canvas. He likes to paint all that is weird and wacky, shying away from emotionless realism - he is much more interested in where our imagination can take us.


Armaghan Fatemi

As a multi-disciplinary Iranian artist based in London, Armaghan's practice is devoted to exploring socio-political issues from a feminist and personal perspective. Her experience as an immigrant informs this exploration, allowing Armaghan to observe the varied attitudes towards gender, class, and labor in both the East and the West. Her artistic output encompasses painting, sculpture, installation, film, and textiles, whilst Armaghan has also been experimenting with creative coding and the potential of blockchain and smart contracts since 2020.


Jordon Blake

Jordon Blake, whose family come from St.Vincent & The Grenadines, was born and raised in London, Hackney. He is a self- taught photographer working on both sides of the camera, learning to find himself through creative works. He believes that our greatest resource is each other and only through collaborations will we ever find our real purpose. He has recently been deeply interested in activism and the nuances of expression and cultural acceptance.

Screenshot 2023-06-02 at 11.05.01.png

Lara Sayegh

Lara Sayegh is a London-based artist whose practice celebrates Middle-Eastern and Black Diasporic culture. From a young age, Lara migrated from Iraq, and was raised in the UK. She

tells the story of identity crisis through the power of portraiture. She is passionate about raising awareness through her artistic practice, provoking a deeper question of this sense of identity. Her works highlight the strength of women who have migrated to another country, that arises when you face various obstacles that many others bypass, through their physical beauty, diversity and culture. 


Reda Grigaraviciute

Reda Grigaraviciute has a MA Fine Art from Camberwell College, University Arts London. She brings a combination of psychological and emotional force as well as a physical, tactile connection to genres of figurative and sculptural art. Reda examines our relationship with nature: an interrelation that profoundly affects our contemporary culture and emotional well-being. Often incorporating female figures and natural elements, through combinations of figuration and abstraction, her work explores pressing social and ecological issues of our current climate.

Screenshot 2023-04-27 at 21.29.38.png

Gary Hume

Gary Hume (*1962) is one of the leading British painters and sculptors of his generation. His oeuvre, often executed with high-gloss industrial paint on surfaces that include aluminum panels, infuses high modernist abstract formalism with an emphatic, sign-like quality. The London and New York-based artist develops his works from found images and personal memories, giving rise to a pictorial idiom in which horror and beauty, eroticism and melancholy, glamour and alienation, go hand in hand. His works are meditations on the sublime of the everyday, the fleetingness of memory and the fragility of life.


Wu Song

Wu Song (b.1966; lives and works in China) is a multi-disciplinary artist who has explored a wide range of mediums and techniques throughout their career. After years of experimentation, the artist has decided to abandon traditional techniques and go with the natural flow of humans and art. Their approach is a reflection of their belief that art should be an intuitive and authentic expression of the artist's inner self.

IMG_3743 2_edited.jpg

Eve Milner

Eve Milner recognised her naturally creative spirit from a young age, but only in the last six years has pursued photography with fervour. Her practice up until this year has been purely digital photography, focusing on portraiture and capturing the essence of daily life in her local community. Her last solo show entitled 'Crossing Lines' exhibited a substantial portfolio of cyanotype prints, a challenging yet hugely successful new approach. Artscope is proud of and grateful to receive three donations from this exhibition.

Dena .jpg

Dena Haghsay

Dena Haghsay, an Iranian architect, designer and maker, based in London, now mainly focusing on Ceramic design and sculpture. The pieces are in essence, her journeys, captured within a handful of clay. With every piece, she seeks the juxtaposition between ‘Storytelling’ and ‘Making’ while pushing the borders of imagination; letting the mind wander freely in the vast playground of daydreaming. the subject challenges various matters an individual may encounter in a lifetime.


Edyta Jaworek

Edyta is a multidisciplinary artist and designer based in East London. Originally from a 300-person village in Upper Silesia, Poland, she was educated in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy and Florida, US, prior to landing in the UK. Edyta's practice explores diverse materials and media. She creates works that reflect on society, current events, trends, and personal histories. They combine journalistic inquiry, reflection, and aim to encourage new ways of looking at the world.

Screenshot 2023-04-27 at 21.44.54.png

Tracey Emin

Tracey Emin is a British artist known for making works that convey experiences and events from her own life by using a range of media, from needlework and drawing, to sculpture and installation. Her works can often be sexually provocative and their stories are revealed with a raw openness, which has often sparked debate. She is an integral part of the Young British Artist movement that is known for its controversial take on contemporary art practice in the 1980s.


Kaja Stumpf

Kaja Stumpf (b. 1987, Norway) is a London based artist, and MA Fine Art graduate from Central Saint Martins.

She is the recipient of Tom Wilhelmsen Foundation grant in 2020 and 2022, as well as the Gerd & Fredrik Johan Grahl’s Foundation grant and Ingrid Lindback Langaard’s Foundation grant in 2020.

She has exhibited in several group shows, including the Shortlist Exhibition for the Hari Art Prize 2022, and a solo presentation in the Cass Art Space, Islington in March 2023. Her recent work examines memory, self-representation, and the mind-body connection. She explores the idea of selective memory as a means of self-preservation, and through painting, Kaja revisits past experiences to discover unconscious and hidden motifs that control behaviour. 

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