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Your guide to modern and contemporary art around the world, through unforgettable experiences.

Immerse yourself in the best of modern and contemporary art, with our programmes that uniquely offer access, engagement and enjoyment through lectures, guided tours of galleries and museums, panel discussions, studio visits, private collection visits and more.


We offer public and private rates via packages, or on a session by session basis. We can also develop a bespoke experience, working to suit your particular area of interest under the careful guidance of our expertise.

Don't forget to visit Our Partners page for more information on how we work with corporate clients to proactively develop an identity within the art and culture ecosystem, reaching the desired audience of enthusiasts.

For how we help you as a collector, visit Our Guidance page.


Please click below to see the current and upcoming programmes for each of our locations, and email with any queries, comments or requests!

Pricing and packages

1x session (2 hours)

Public: £50pp 

Private: £250 total (up to 5 people)

4x sessions

Public: £150pp 

Private: £700 total (up to 5 people)

8x sessions

Public: £250pp

Private: £1,200 total (up to 5 people)


Fees do not include museum ticket costs, or travel expenses unless otherwise indicated. All spots must be booked upon purchase on, at least, a monthly basis. Refunds are not permitted within 24 hours of purchase. Specialist guests and extra features may cause prices to increase. Please enjoy 50% off if under 35 as part of our Young Patrons Initiative. 

Please contact for all enquiries, how to book and receive necessary information.





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